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What is Poi?

Poi is an indie 3D adventure platformer inspired by classics like Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, and Super Mario Sunshine. It is in development for PC and is available to play now on Steam Early Access.

In the Press

"Reminds me of every whimsical platformer I played in the 90s" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Poi looks like all the best 3D Mario games combined into one" - Destructoid

"I can't deny the allure of Poi's colourful, skyborn universe" - PC Gamer

"Poi is a fantastic reminder of why the 3D platformer is so fondly remembered" - Hardcore Gamer

Classic Platforming Fun

In Poi, there are large areas for you to explore, as well as smaller and more intense platforming challenges to conquer. Run, jump, flip, bounce, balance, climb, slide and swim to earn your explorer medallions.

Poi has a little bit of everything that gamers love about classic 3D platformers.

Adventure Awaits

There's no telling what you'll find in the mysterious world of Poi. Keep in touch for more information on the game and its development.

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More Info

Who's making this game?

Poi is being developed by PolyKid, an independent game studio in San Francisco, CA.

Why are you making this game?

We grew up in the era of classic platformers and spent many of our childhood hours running, jumping and collecting stuff in games like Super Mario 64. Since there aren't many 3D platformers being made these days, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make Poi!

Which platforms will it be released on?

Poi is in development for PC but we would love to bring the game to more platforms with enough community support.

Writing something about Poi?

Check out our press kit.

Have more questions?

Shoot us an email! team@polykidgames.com

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